Studies and research around the world have shown that creative play is a vital aspect of any child’s development. It is important that your child has enough creative playtime to engage with their environment and surroundings and develop their inquisitive mind. Research has shown that these are vital early stages of learning and this mainly happens in the home.

To achieve a level of creative play you can use educational toys, they help your child learn at home in many different ways, such as:

• Creative problem solving
• Playing with others and resolving conflict and understanding compromise
• Development of fine motor skills
• Develop a creative imagination
• Promoting self-esteem
• Development of language skills
• Development of literacy and numeracy

The benefits

Children will start to develop and benefit from educational toys as early as one month. Here are some ideas for educational toys.

It’s important to develop the sensory play by stimulating a child’s sense through color and movement. Mobiles and sensory toys, sight and sound are important as well as touch. These education toys develop the child’s hand-eye coordination and more interactive educational toys with noise and flashing lights would greatly benefit.


Children’s Development

As the child grows and becomes more active we would recommend educational toys that involve problem-solving. Stacks, blocks and magnetic educational toys will help with confidence and self-esteem.

As your child gets older we would recommend you start to encourage your child’s cognitive skills. Handwriting is a great way for a child to develop literacy and numeracy and understand language.

The key to good handwriting is to develop the fine motor skills so your child can hold a pen or pencil correctly, this is key to the development of good handwriting.

Developing creative play by using educational toys is a fun way to learn. These educational toys are perfect for hand-eye coordination as well as teaching a child to hold pen adaptor correctly. These types of educational toys are a really good creative way to help your child learn in a fun way.

They are recommended as they help children develop cognitive abilities and imaginative creative problem-solving. These sets are also teaching children about life, skills, jobs, and situations whilst stimulating their imagination.




Credit: Nexus Home Learning

The Benefits of Educational Toys and Creative Play

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