The drinking straw revolution is an international movement that has changed the way we view this little tube that has been assisting us with our beverage consumption for decades.

It’s time we start examining the environmental impact of plastic straws in the same careful way we view and choose our other utensils. Our suggestion is to invest in some excellent quality reusable straws that will last you years, rather than a single use.

But which straws are the best, you ask? If not plastic, then what’s the alternative? What’s the safest material to use? What’s the most environmentally-friendly option? Thicker, thinner, taller or shorter?

Not to worry, we’ve listed some of our favorite waste-busting straw choices below to make it easier as you make the change to a waste-free lifestyle.

Stainless Steel

For starters, steel is stain resistant, oxidation-free, and virtually unbreakable, which is pretty amazing. These straws are sleek and will last the longest out of all the plastic straw alternatives. And your hot tea or coffee that you don’t want staining your beautiful pearly whites? No worries when you drink up daily through a heat-resistant steel straw.

Steel straws are really the great overall choice. Other than the fact that they’re not size-adjustable, they’re basically perfect. Just make sure when you do purchase them that they’re food or medical grade and safe for home use!


-Long lasting

-Hand washes. Ok to sterilize in a dishwasher.



Remember when your straw was too long for your super cute mason jar mimosa glass and it kept wanting to topple out? Problem solved. Silicone straws are great because you can cut them down to size quite easily if need be.

You can bend them too, which always makes for great fun for kids of all ages. The littlest of our sippers will also appreciate their soft feel in the mouth. Not poky! While we always recommend hand washing with a little brush all of your reusable straws, but just in case you wanted to sterile them, it’s convenient that they’re also dishwasher safe.

-Soft on the mouth

-Bendy, which is cozy for kids

-Hand wash recommended, but ok to sterilize in the dishwasher.





Credit: Ecolunchbox

Straws, Straws, But Which One?

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